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Womens Health Clinic Management Plan Discussion

Womens Health Clinic Management Plan Discussion

Womens Health Clinic Management Plan Discussion


Reply to Gina:

Working In a Women’s Health Clinic

Pathophysiology and Symptomatology

Chronic pelvic pain is a distressing disease that affects many women, hence its characterization as a public health predicament. The diagnosis and treatment of the disease are costly for both the patient and the government. The condition causes pain in the lower region of the abdomen and between the hips. The pain which causes massive distress and discomfort can last at least six months. Multiple factors cause chronic pelvic pain. The pain can be a sign of another severe ailment while at the same time it can be an indication of the chronic pelvic pain condition. However, reducing the pain is the optimum objective when dealing with the condition since its cause is not easily identified. The main symptom of the condition includes pain, which can be severe. The pain can also be described as on and off with dull aching. The pelvic area can also experience unusual pressure. Experiencing pain when engaged in sexual intercourse, passing urine or during bowel movements, and sitting down for long periods can be signs of the chronic pelvic pain condition. 

Gynaecological and Non-Gynaecological Origins

Chronic pelvic pain is coupled with episodes of pain around the pelvic area, which could be associated with several different diagnoses, affecting women’s overall wellbeing of women. The condition can be described based on a gynecological origin due to its association with the female reproductive system and menstruation sequence. The first example of gynecological origin is the:

ICD-10-N80. 9: Endometriosis, unspecified. Endometriosis is a gynecological condition where the endometrial tissue is located outside the uterus; thus, causing massive pain in the pelvic area (Triolo, Laganà, & Sturlesea, 2013). The endometriosis condition causes a lot of discomforts when women are menstruating. Women suffering from the condition note the pain occurring around their pelvic area; hence it is linked to the chronic pelvic pain condition. 

ICD-10-D25. 9: Leiomyoma of the uterus, unspecified also termed as uterine fibroids, is the second example, and it is characterized by causing massive discomfort of the pelvic region for females. The symptoms associated with uterine myoma include massive pressure in the lower abdomen and are linked to the chronic pelvic pain condition. 

ICD-10-N83.209: Unspecified Ovarian cyst is another example of a gynecological condition associated with chronic pelvic pain.

Non-gynecological origins of chronic pelvic pain condition include urological conditions such as kidney and ureter disorders:

Cystinosis: ICD-10-E72.0

IBS: ICD-10-K58.9 

Myalgia: ICD-10-M79.1

Patient Education

Patient education revolves around understanding the pain around the pelvic area as a condition that requires medical attention. Chronic pelvic pain is a medical condition that can cause significant distress among women. The pain is either severe or mild and can be accompanied by aching around the pelvic region. The patient should also understand the causes of the condition can be both gynecological and non-gynecological. Besides, the cause of the disease is established after reviewing the patient’s history and physical examination. A laparoscopy may also be necessary. Additionally, a patient should be on the lookout for the condition’s symptoms to seek medical attention when one experiences any of the signs (Das, Ronda, & Trent, 2016).

Management plan

The treatment of chronic pelvic pain primarily relies on pain management through pain medications prescribed by a medical practitioner. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can assist in the management of the condition. Other patients use muscle relaxants to ease the pain and restore their comfort. However, it is difficult for a practitioner to diagnose the causative agent of the condition perfectly. Therefore, successive drug medications are prescribed for other conditions that are most likely to be causing chronic pelvic pain condition. Treatment for the cause of the condition also helps in resolving the medical predicament. Furthermore, surgical treatment and physical therapy are also methods of treatment for the chronic pelvic condition. 


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