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short art history hw and short film hw

short art history hw and short film hw

short art history hw and short film hw


for the first homework please carefully listen to the audio files on this google drive link before you read the transcript! Then make sure to listen carefully and go through the ppt while you are listening to the audio files. pls click this link to access all material, Please read the instructions carefully, and PLEASE SUBMIT THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN:…

second homework: is replying to discussion forum question: Analyze three scenes (one paragraph each) shot during different times of the day/night in which the cinematography is the driving force of the narrative. Describe the lighting, framing, and composition within the context of the story. Consider how the cinematography is revealing subtext during that specific scene.

here is the link to the film you can watch it on SOAP2DAY it is called Winter’s Bone director is debra granik:…

Here is also an example of a classmate’s reply to this discussion forum question please don’t use the same examples they did: 18:37-18:60 

This sequence starts wide causing the landscape to consume Ree. All the trees in shot are bare or starting to lose their leaves. The grass is completely dried out. All the nature surrounding Ree lost or is losing  life. The colors on the screen are gray and washed out, making the temperature and Ree feel cold. There’s no sun in sight, only gray skies. All these motifs of death in nature surround Ree; she looks small in proportion compared to everything around her. She’s completely isolated. 

So far, Ree has been completely alone on this journey of finding her father. The journey is dangerous because he’s a perpetrator and the people connected to him are violent and erratic. Ree may not say she feels alone, but this shot speaks for her. The wide shot zooms in on her slowly, coming to a complete close up when she feeds the animal. Because of how slow the zoom in is, it really feels like the audience is walking with her. 

Because this movie is so gray, it’s hard to tell what time of day it is. Perhaps adding to the never-ending and cyclical nature of Ree’s life. I think this sequence is meant to be mid-day. 


Throughout the film, they’ve been paralleling Ree to animals. This really comes to a climax in these two sequences. When she’s looking for Thump in the stables, we see images of her running parallel with images of the animals running. In this sequence the camera is titled, there’s distortion in the sound, lights, and camera angle. All these distortions give uneasiness and a coming doom to the audience. 

This is followed by a sequence shot during sunset when Ree gets jumped. These shots of her getting beat up are up close and there’s a lot of going back and forth between angles. All this creates an unsteadiness, quickness, and danger to the sequence. The sequence ends with a wide shot of Ree being forcibly taken into a barn like an animal. The camera is unstable, shaking. 

These two sequences are in communication with one another. They underscore how Ree is treated/mistreated like an animal. The instability of the shots and quick cuts show how tumultuous Ree’s life is. She’s about to be dislodged, and feels powerless to the law and her fathers gang. They got her corned and bound like the animals in the stable. 

I think it’s significant that this sequence happens at sunset. All these violent acts happen in the dark, hidden away. At face value the town may look “normal” with their music and farm life, but in the dark there’s violence, drug-making, and dealing. 


In a movie with a color palette as grey as this one, nightime scenes stand out. In this scene where Ree is walking through the graveyard looking for her father the only light souce they have are the headlights and flashlights. I thought it was inventiive to use the headlights as a source of light. I think what’s interesting about this night-time scene, is how much seems to “come to light” when it gets dark. The grittyness and violence of the town comes out at night. Its also interesting how all the scenes shot either at sunset or in the dark employ more unstable and shaky camera work. 

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