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PSYC 203 Montgomery Community College Covid 19 Impact on Health Care Discussion

PSYC 203 Montgomery Community College Covid 19 Impact on Health Care Discussion

PSYC 203 Montgomery Community College Covid 19 Impact on Health Care Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

PSYC203: Tackling the Pandemic and Long-Term Impacts

Big idea: How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect human development?

The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to affect many aspects of our lives for years to come. The purpose of this paper is to pick one area and look at it from a developmental psychology point of view.

You will need to use concepts and theories we have been covering this semester. I understand we are only beginning to see research as we are still dealing with the pandemic itself. That said, you will be looking at what information you can find now, what is being speculated, and then using your own terrific thinking and what we have been covering, talk about what you see as developmental implications for one of the topics below. Pick something that interests you- it will make the project far more interesting. If there is something not on this list that you would like to write about, check with me.

Here are some possible topics drawn from that big idea:

  • Impact on education for a particular age group (elementary, high school or college)
  • Food insecurity and hunger for a child or adolescent
  • Mental health for a particular age group
  • Impact of being quarantined with family for a year
  • Racism which has been made worse by the pandemic
  • Relationships and intimacy for those in emerging or early adulthood
  • Impact on friendships
  • The college experience and what this means now and later
  • Implications for higher education – more schools might assume that more can be moved online. What does that mean to you as students?
  • Ageism and treatment of the elderly
  • Having a baby at this moment in history
  • Employment and unemployment – both in general and as you think about your own future
  • What will the workplace look like? What has been the impact of work from home in terms of how we will return to the office environment
  • Impact on domestic violence and all forms of abuse
  • Technology use, abuse and how it will govern our lives in the future
  • Health care- who has access, who doesn’t and what we need going forward
  • Silver linings?
  • ??? If you have an idea that is not here, check with me!
  • What resources can you use to complete this assignment?

    • Use our textbook and any readings/resources in the content area of our class.

    • Use articles that come from reliable sources- peer-reviewed journals, web sources that are based on research and/or input from experts in the field, and you may also use newspaper and magazine articles. Just make it clear what is “academic.”

    • You may choose to interview someone. This can allow you to gain insights from that person to use in your paper, quoting them, etc. For example, the experience of being quarantined has been very different for families with children, young single adults, elderly people living alone and so forth.

    Remember, while you are sharing your opinion, you are grounding this in science, theories and psychological concepts.

    How should you structure your paper?

    1. Formulate a thesis statement about what you want to focus on, critically analyze, and write about. Your introduction should include your topic and an overview of what the paper will cover

    2. Use headings as they will help organize the flow of your work

    3. The paper will need a summary and conclusion section at the end and include any unanswered questions you have. We do not have all the answers yet, but this assignment will help you learn to engage in educated, informed, speculation.

    4. Use APA format- this means Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins (no, I don’t measure, but I can tell if you have super wide margins). Be sure your citations and references are in APA format. Be sure you have both a title page and a reference page

    5. Please take care with writing mechanics. Poor grammar, run-on sentences, sentence fragments and spelling errors all will cost you points. If this is an are of concern for you, please remember, MC Writing Centers are open and doing virtual appointments.

    How long should this paper be?

  • Papers will be graded on quality of work, not quantity of words/pages. That said, I would expect quality work to be at least 5 pages. Remember: title page and reference page are not part of the page count.
  • • This is a chance to show some mastery of what you gleaned in the course and an opportunity to reflect on a difficult time in our individual and collective lives. By writing, we can come to think more clearly and know what we know and feel what we feel.

    Other questions you might have

    Can I write this based on my own experience? Yes, you may but this is not a requirement. Some of you may feel comfortable doing this and others may not. Some of you may be more interested in an aspect of the pandemic that has not affected you directly.

    Can I use first person if I write about my own experience? Yes

    One last thing: We will be talking about the big topic of the pandemic during our last class discussion, so once you’ve done this assignment, you will have an easy time with that last discussion!

    Submit to the assignment folder. Please submit as a word file (not a pdf), labeled as follows:

    Point Value: 100 points

    All tutors provide: high quality help, quick responsive communication, original explanations and answers with any outside resources cited

    PSYC 203 Montgomery Community College Covid 19 Impact on Health Care Discussion

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