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Liberty University Situational Leadership Group Research Case Study

Liberty University Situational Leadership Group Research Case Study

Liberty University Situational Leadership Group Research Case Study



There are 4 leadership categories that the class will be studying: 1) personal attributes of leadership (trait and skills theories); 2) situational leadership (contextual, etc.); 3) contemporary leadership (transformational, authentic, etc.); and 4) interpersonal leadership (leader to employee, team approach, etc.) Each team will be assigned 1 of these 4 areas to master and research.

Group 2: Situational Leadership – Case Study 5.2 (pp. 107-108) Contextual Approach.

Each group will complete a Group Case Study Paper related to the assigned leadership category. Each team has a Group Discussion Board; this will be utilized to coordinate the group’s work on the assignment and to dialog about the case study. Each student will research a particular aspect of the leadership category assigned to the group. A case study related to each particular leadership category will be provided.

The research paper must include the following categories:

1. An overview of their leadership category;

2. A review of the case study;

3. Answers to specific questions about the case study; and

4. A summary that includes a course of action and recommendations.


  • Your Group Case Study Paper must be at least 600 words, not including the title page or reference page.
  • All parts of this assignment must conform to current APA format.
  • At least 2 scholarly sources in addition to the course text and the Bible must be incorporated into the document and properly cited.
  • Why Aren’t They Listening?
  • Jim Anderson is a training specialist in the human resource department

    of a large pharmaceutical company. In response to a recent company wide survey, Jim specifically designed a 6-week training program on listening and communication skills to encourage effective management in

    the company. Jim’s goals for the seminar are twofold: for participants to

    learn new communication behaviors and for participants to enjoy the

    seminar so they will want to attend future seminars.

    The first group to be offered the program was middle-level managers

    in research and development. This group consisted of about 25 people,

    nearly all of whom had advanced degrees. Most of this group had

    attended several in-house training programs in the past, so they had a


    106 Leadership Theory and Practice

    sense of how the seminar would be designed and run. Because the

    previous seminars had not always been very productive, many of the

    managers felt a little disillusioned about coming to the seminar. As one

    of the managers said, “Here we go again: a fancy in-house training

    program from which we will gain nothing.”

    Because Jim recognized that the managers were very experienced, he

    did not put many restrictions on attendance and participation. He used

    a variety of presentation methods and actively solicited involvement

    from the managers in the seminar. Throughout the first two sessions, he

    went out of his way to be friendly with the group. He gave them frequent coffee breaks during the sessions; during these breaks, he promoted socializing and networking.

    During the third session, Jim became aware of some difficulties with the

    seminar. Rather than the full complement of 25 managers, attendance

    had dropped to about only 15 managers. Although the starting time was

    established at 8:30, attendees had been arriving as late as 10:00. During

    the afternoon sessions, some of the managers were leaving the sessions

    to return to their offices at the company.

    As he approached the fourth session, Jim was apprehensive about why

    things had been going poorly. He had become quite uncertain about

    how he should approach the group. Many questions were running

    through his mind: Had he treated the managers in the wrong way? Had

    he been too easy regarding attendance at the sessions? Should he have

    said something about the managers skipping out in the afternoon? Were

    the participants taking the seminar seriously? Jim was certain that the

    content of the seminars was innovative and substantive, but he could not

    figure out what he could change to make the program more successful.

    He sensed that his style was not working for this group, but he didn’t

    have a clue as to how he should change what he was doing to make the

    sessions better.


    1. According to the SLII model (see Figure 5.1), what style of leadership

    is Jim using to run the seminars?

    2. At what level are the managers?

    3. From a leadership perspective, what is Jim doing wrong?

    4. What specific changes could Jim implement to improve the


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