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Liberty University Interpersonal Communication Discussion

Liberty University Interpersonal Communication Discussion

Liberty University Interpersonal Communication Discussion


You will reply to the threads of at least 2 classmates (200–250 words each). In your replies, extend the discussion by analyzing and building upon your classmates’ ideas. Replies must demonstrate course-related knowledge and assertions be supported by references in current APA format. Use first person and single-spaced formatting and indent new paragraphs. Your replies must be well written, well organized, and focused.

Post 1

T A Posted

As stated by Stewart (2012), “humans are constructing meaning together and ‘communication’ is the name of this ongoing process” (p. 17). The text explains that way we communicate places meaning on the way we live, and meaning is one of the features of communication (Stewart, 2012). Communication is collaborative between individuals and everyone will have their own feelings and personalities (Stewart, 2012). An individual’s ethics, culture, and identity play a role in the collaborative meaning regarding communication (Stewart, 2012). Stewart (2012) also explains that communication is an idea from one person and a message is sent; the message is received and perceived by the other individual and turned into an idea (p. 18). The textbook talks about choices and how they have an impact on communication (Stewart, 2012). During the assessment on Uniquely You, it required you to make choices about you, your behaviors, and your feelings.

On my Uniquely you profile I am S type for what is expected of me and S/C for this is me (Uniquely You, 2017). According to Uniquely You and my summary, I am stable and shy and like to please others and tend to be more reserved (Uniquely you, 2017). I also do not like speaking in front of large crowds according to the S/C behavior blend, which I would say is accurate (Uniquely you, 2017). I would prefer a more intimate conversation than a large group of individuals. The summary also stated that the behavioral blend I should try to be more assertive and stronger (Uniquely You, 2017). I think this has an impact on my interpersonal relationships as I tend to not be very assertive and do not care for confrontation. I feel this is accurate in the way I would relate to others in more of a loving and caring way (Uniquely You, 2017). According to Stewart (2011), “the term interpersonal labels the kind of communication that happens when the people involved talk and listen in ways that maximize the presence of the personal” (p. 36). My public and private graphs are similar; I am S type on the public graph and S/C on the private graph (Uniquely You, 2017). According to the profile both S and C are passive and reserved (Uniquely you, 2017). According to Carbonell (2008), high S’s motivation is security and individuals with high S’s like stability, and “gives personal support” but needs to learn that change can provide opportunity (p. 30). Carbonell (2008) also explains that similar graphs would suggest that there is a comfortableness with “your overall behavior” (p. 366). Having similar graphs can also mean that the individual is consistent with their feelings and their motivations (Carbonell, 2008).

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1, 2020 from

Post 2

A D Posted

In the process of exploring people’s different personalities and behavioral blends, Carbonell talks about the 4 DISC personality profiles. DISC characteristics four groups represent, “D-active/task-oriented, I-active/people-oriented, S- passive/people-oriented, C-passive/task-oriented.”(Carbonell, 2018). When people find out their personality disorders than they are more than like to understand their behavior and how they act. When people find out their personality and behavior blends than they are more aware of here character. Carbonell stated that “people fit better in life where they are understood and comfortable”(Carbonell, 2018).

According to my “uniquely you” report, I am an “S” type person. As an “S” type person, “you like blending in with the crowd because you feel that others want you to be still and quiet.”(Uniquely You, N.D). In crowded places, I would much rather blend in that stick out, I would rather sit back and listen to the conversation, then be put on the spot. As an S type person, I can be submissive, to someone who is in authority over me, the thought of conflict arising is not something that I like, therefore I would much rather avoid the conflict and not challenge someone in authority over me. Being humble is what makes us well-liked. I know that I like to be around other people who are just as humble as me, not someone who feels the need to brag all the time. When people brag about how much they have, then it just makes me think that they could lose everything that they have now, therefore I avoid non humble people when it comes to communication. When it comes down to making a decision, I would much rather just go with something that I am used to. Change is not something that I am comfortable with. By understanding this model, I understand that I need to improve in increasing my confidence, be more outgoing, and speaking out more often than I do now. One graph says that I am high when it comes to expressing my thoughts and the other graph says that I am more reserved and need to speak up for myself. I believe the reason for the implications for that is because the public questionnaire and private questionnaire had different questions, therefore they both got different responses.


Carbonell, M. (2008). How To Solve The People Puzzle. [MBS Direct]. Retrieved from…

N.D (2020). User account: Uniquely You.

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