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KFSC Emergency Management in Saudi Arabia Past Present & Future Case Study

KFSC Emergency Management in Saudi Arabia Past Present & Future Case Study

KFSC Emergency Management in Saudi Arabia Past Present & Future Case Study


The Portfolio Project involves conducting research on emergency management procedures developed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cadets will conduct an analysis of the emergency management organization by using emergency management theories and frameworks. The cadet will also implement suggestions to the planning of the emergency management procedures by either changing and/or incorporating effective strategic approach


  • Read “Emergency Management in Saudi Arabia: Past Present and Future”
  • Choose 3 of the Emergency Management topics from the reading including: Human-related risks (terrorist, motor vehicle, crashes, fires, Ramadan and Hajj seasons risks) Technological hazards (Oil spills, Blackouts, Nuclear), Natural Disasters (sandstorms, heat waves, flooding, drought). *** DO NOT USE THE SAME SPECIFIC TOPIC***
  • Apply the Course Intended Learning Outcomes to your paper:
  • Plan MITIGATION and RESPONSE measures appropriate to specific problems in KSA. [CILO 1]
  • Support KSA emergency management proposals and conclusions with theory and experience (Use Emergency Management Cycle and previous case studies). [CILO 2]
  • Critique plans of Emergency Management in KSA (Reading- Emergency Management in Saudi Arabia: Past, Present and Future). [CILO 3]
  • Write YOUR KSA emergency management reports in conformance with industry standards. [CILO 4]
  • Your Report should be minimum of 3,000 words

Assessment will be graded according to the rubric below which covers CILO 1, 2, 3 and 4








No hazards identified.

One hazard identified.

Multiple hazards identified

…and linked to specific vulnerabilities

…and consequent risks discussed.


No initiatives identified.

One initiative identified (either mitigation or response).

Multiple initiatives identified (including both mitigation and response)

…with appropriate and realistic implementation detailed

…and contingency plans developed including discussion of why/when they are necessary.


No roles assigned.

One role/ responsibility apportioned.

Multiple roles/ responsibilities apportioned

…with communication/ coordination plan detailed

…and potential overlaps/ gaps discussed.









No element identified.

Identify one element of relevant theory.

Explain multiple elements of relevant theory

…with reference to specific sources

…and discuss relevance to specific initiatives.


No example identified.

Identifies one relevant past example.

Describe multiple relevant past examples

…with details supported by reference to specific sources

…and discuss relevance to specific initiatives.









No criterion identified.

One criterion identified.

Identify multiple external criteria

…explain the extent of plan’s compliance

…and justify divergences from criteria.


No aspects of coverage identified.

One aspect of coverage identified.

Identify multiple aspects of coverage

…and explain how the plan addresses these aspects

…and discuss trade-offs involved in extending coverage that limit feasibility.


No risks identified.

One risk identified.

Identify multiple new risks created by strategy

…and compare magnitude and probability of suite of risks before and after

…and discuss why new risk profile represents the best available outcome in terms trade-offs in risk profiles.









No apparent organization of ideas.

One link between ideas is clear.

Links among ideas make message clear and easy to follow

…and provide focused, relevant, explanation and support to the argument

…and frame the argument within the context of a broader discourse.


No apparent observance of standards.

Irregular observance of a limited range of standards.

Regular observance of all common standards

…with demonstrated attention to detail

…and skillful adaptation to specific contexts.


No apparent observance of standard conventions of formal written style.

Irregular observance of the most obvious and common conventions of formal written style.

Consistent observance of most conventions of formal written style

…with word choice appropriate to the intended audience

…and constructions displaying variety, suitability and fluency

the first topic is Hostel collapse in Makkah. page 1
the second topic is Khobar tower attack. page 2
the third topic is Jiddah 2009 flood. page 4
the topic in pic is example

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