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ENGL 110 CUNY Queens College The Shape of Water Poster Visual Analysis Essay

ENGL 110 CUNY Queens College The Shape of Water Poster Visual Analysis Essay

ENGL 110 CUNY Queens College The Shape of Water Poster Visual Analysis Essay


Please help to improve and revise my existing essay, correct grammatical errors, incoherent sentences, and emphasize topics. Strengthen thesis and arguments.

This Visual Analysis should only focus on the poster of ‘the shape of water.’ Please Do Not involve the plot of the movie, Only Visual Analysis on the poster of ‘the shape of water.’

To use and connect to ideas from “Monster Culture,” and “Decoding Advertisements” to analyze and interpret a static visual advertisement in order to make an insightful argument. The advertisement you select should either depict an explicit “monster” or something that the intended audience would arguably perceive as “monstrous.” Your goal is to decode your exhibit’s explicit and implicit messages and the methods by which it conveys its message(s). In the essay, you must also determine the intended audience for your selected advertisement. You must also consider how analysis of your exhibit complicates or extends the intellectual conversation occurring between “Monster Culture” and “Masters of Desire” or “Decoding Advertisements.”

Imagine that you are writing to be considered for publication in an upcoming issue of a respected scholarly student journal focused on modern visual culture. The journal is distributed to colleges and universities around the country.

Over the course of your formal draft, carefully analyze specific aspects of your advertisement using lens analysis whenever possible in order to develop and support your opinion about the messages of the advertisement and its intended audience.

Please refer to the attachment for how to write Visual-Analysis and Lens Analysis.

Include a Works Cited list on a separate page using MLA style.


• Continue to work on the goals from the first assignment: using the introduction to orient the reader and identify an interpretive or intellectual problem; formulating a strong claim; establishing a motive; maintaining a coherent structure; using evidence fairly and persuasively.

• Integrate your sources with deliberation and purpose. The sources can be used to articulate the motive, establish the intellectual conversation, provide context or key terms, analyze evidence to support your claim, or argue with other interpretations. Document sources using the MLA in-text citation method. Include a works cited page. Practice ICE: introduce, cite, explain.

• Have cohesion and coherence in your prose on the sentence level and on the paragraph level. Your diction should be precise. Avoid clichés of language and clichés of thought.

• Have an interesting and informative title.

• Adhere to all relevant formatting guidelines described in the course syllabus.

The final draft must be between 1600 and 1800 words.


Essay Draft

Advertising as the primary commercial promotion method has a long history in human civilization, and its development is accompanied by the technological progress and cultural development of human society. In the modern era, new forms of advertising are constantly being produced with the continuous development of science and technology. In order to cater to the audience’s visual taste and delight the audience, The form of advertising began to break through the bland and single traditional forms of expression, and began to incorporate more innovative, bizarre, and even grotesque creativity to attract the audience’s attention. For example, the use of monster themes creates a grotesque, mysterious atmosphere for the main body of the advertisement, creating visual impact, shock, and mystery for the advertising audience, prompting the audience to further understand the driving force of the advertising theme. As Cohen, the author of Monster Cultural Theory, mentioned in his thesis: Monsters are the main body that arises on the edge of cultural differences. Advertising is no longer just a media to promote products and ideas. It has become a carrier of culture and carries advertising reflections—specific cultural information. For example, the advertisement poster from the famous movie ‘The Shape of Water.’ In this poster, there are two figures in which a humanoid mermaid monster is hugging with a young woman. They are suspending in the deep ocean. Watch this beautiful poster for the first moment, audiences can feel that the theme of the poster seems to express ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ an eternal classic love theme across the race. At the same time, the mermaid monster and beauty also imply the relationship between human beings and nature, prompting people that human beings are connected with nature closely. Human beings should love nature and care for nature. It is the only environmental space on which human beings depend for survival.

By looking further at this poster, two extraordinary figures were shown in front of the audience. They hugged and hovered in the deep blue ocean intimately. The darker background tones in the entire image and the sunlight projected on the figures create an atmosphere that highlights the figure. An effect similar to the stage reminds the audience of the famous Baroque painting style. The figure on the left is a humanoid mermaid monster. He is tall and burly, with clear, strong muscles. On his arms, back, and legs are covered with fins, and also he is covered with fluorescent skin texture. From these characteristics, the audience can realize that he should be the legendary mermaid. But unlike the image of a female mermaid in the past. The figure in the picture should be a male, and he is different from the general legend that the lower body of the mermaid is in the form of a fish tail, and he is completely in the form of the lower leg of a human leg. His face was blocked by the beautiful woman’s head on the right, and the audience could not clearly see his facial features, which added some mystery to his identification. His arms embraced the beauty on the right tightly, softly, and tenderly. The beauty also embraced the mermaid tightly and tenderly. Looking at the beauty on the right, her body naturally floats in the deep sea. The audience can vaguely see that the beauty of the beauty is calm and serene. There is no sign of drowning or struggling. Her hair was loosely suspended in the water, as if she had found the strong arm that she depended on, her destination. From the skirts and high heels of beautiful women, we can roughly know that the plot of the story probably happened in the 1950s and 1960s. The shoes on the left foot of the beautiful woman have slipped and moved forward, and the right foot of the mermaid has slightly receded backward, like a beautiful woman. As she walked towards the mermaid, the mermaid accepted the beauty with his arms open. The physical interaction between the two figures is as if they are dancing in the water. Although there are some bubbles above the two figures, they have no signs of drowning or struggling. On the contrary, they seem to make them more calm and serene in the water, just like they are in the familiar environment in the ocean, they adapt The environment, the ocean is their home. All these signs have deeply attracted the attention of those who have a strong interest in science fiction and monster themes. At the same time, this classic love theme of ‘Beauty and Beast’ will also attract most audiences of any age.

The composition of the entire poster brought a strong visual shock to the audience with colors and character settings. The overall darker tone in the image adds a layer of mystery to the theme of the poster. The upper and lower edges of the poster shows some light fish scale textures, suggesting that the story of the poster’s figures is connected to the mermaid and the ocean closely. Although the figure of the poster is suspending in the deep ocean, their body movements and expressions make the audience feel very calm and relaxed. The sign of the poster does not make the audience feel nervous or scared but makes the audience feel very comfortable with the overall composition. The audience will not worry about her fate because the mermaid monster embraces her. The gentleness of the mermaid monster on the body makes the audience not worry that the monster will harm the beauty. Besides, although the beauty and the mermaid are suspending in the deep ocean, the audience will not worry that they will drown. The audience has a new question: Do beautiful women breathe and survive in the deep sea like a mermaid? They hug each other tenderly in the deep sea and also herald their relationship. They love each other deeply, only love the persuasive power of the two will make the two figures across the race indescribably powerful, so that they will love each other deeply and tie the other regardless of the danger and the cost of life. The information conveyed from the poster alone has deeply moved the audience and attracted the audience’s interest, arousing the audience’s interest in further understanding of the movie.

This poster successfully displays the theme it wants to convey to the audience: a timeless classic love story across races of new ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and creates a mysterious and intimate atmosphere. As if introducing the audience’s perspective into the poster and exploring the figure’s fate story together, who is this mermaid monster? Why would he have emotional entanglements with beautiful women? How is the beauty attracted by the mermaid monster, regardless of the danger, regardless of life to approach the mermaid monster and fall in love with the mermaid wholeheartedly?In addition, the mermaid on the poster is different from the well-known history of the mermaid. His tail fin disappeared and was replaced by human-shaped legs. This enhanced anthropomorphic effect enhances the entanglement in the love relationship between mermaid and beauty. For those who are fascinated by the theme of science fiction, fantasy, and monsters, they have a driving force to understand the meaning and development of the story deeply. Even so, the mermaid is not a typical monster. So far, it has only been produced in human cultural writings, human fantasy, no one has seen and encountered the mermaid in the real world. They exist on the edge of human thought, and they rarely appear in human society. However, clues of mermaids can always be found in many human cultural writings. They can always return to the human story, and their form is always different in each return. As the writer Jeffrey Jerome Cohen mentioned in his book ‘Monster Culture Seven Theses,’ he stated “”Monster theory” must therefore concern itself with strings of cultural moments, connected by a logic that always threatens to shift; invigorated by change and escape, by the impossibility of achieving what Susan Stewart calls the desired “fall or death, the stopping” of its gigantic subject,”(Cohen,6) Therefore, the monster is the manifestation of any form of difference, whether it is ideology, culture, gender or Racial differences. Like Cohen said: “The monster is difference made flesh, come to dwell among us…Any kind of alterity can be inscribed across (constructed through) the monstrous body, but for the most part monstrous difference tends to be cultural, political, racial, economic, sexual.” In this respect, the poster succeeded in conveying his theme to the audiences, a classic love story of beauties and beasts across races. Moreover, it also caused the audience to further in-depth thinking. Does this theme imply society? What are the mysterious ideas that the mermaid and the beauty themselves are all metaphorizing? Attract the audience into the theme space they created.

The poster of ‘The Shape of Water’ is very successful in terms of advertising conception, creativity, and effects. Its overall dark blue and dark tones effectively highlight the mystery of the poster theme. Furthermore, it effectively expressed the theme of the poster’s love and passed all the detailed information to the audience. The effect expected by the publisher has been achieved, which has expanded to the influence of the poster, making it impressive in the audience’s vision and driving the desire to watch movies. In other words, this movie poster advertisement effectively communicated the overt content through his performance its ‘form.’ According to the discussion in Judith Williamson’s book ‘Decoding Advertisements’: “We can only understand what advertisements mean by finding out how they mean, and analyzing the way in which they work. What an advertisement ‘says’ is merely what it claims to say; it is part of the deceptive mythology of advertising to believe that an advertisement is simply a transparent vehicle for a ‘message’ behind it.” Those concepts prompts the audience to explore the meaning behind the advertisement and the deep meaning hidden under the surface phenomenon carried by the advertisement, to understanding and analyzing the information carried in the advertisement form. From this poster, the mermaid monster can imply that the mermaid is a creature belonging to nature, and refers to the mermaid as representing nature, whether it has positive or negative information. On the other hand, beauty is a metaphor for the essence of humanity, and the beauty means that humanity is weak and powerless in front of nature. The entanglement between mermaid monsters and the beauty, their love connection also metaphorically the relationship between nature and human beings, and the dependence of human beings on nature. Humans should love and care about the natural environment on which they live and cherish each other with nature.

In conclusion, this mysterious and charming movie poster of ‘The Shape of Water’ shows the audience a classic love story scene in which two figures from different worlds accept the challenges of race, culture, and life. Furthermore, there is a love that crosses the boundaries of species. It uses the accurate color application, meticulous details to describe and through these effective advertising promotion methods, it combines the interesting monster theory with the theme of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast,” showing the audience the greatness of love. Furthermore, it implies the interdependent relationship between human beings and nature, and it also warns humans to care about nature.This is the natural environment on which humans depend and the only earth for Humanity.

Works Cited

Cohen, Jeffrey. Jerome. (Editor). Monster culture (seven theses). Monster Theory: Reading Culture, edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, University of Minnesota Press, 1996.

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