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COTR Chemical Reactions Mass and Mole Relationships Paper

COTR Chemical Reactions Mass and Mole Relationships Paper

COTR Chemical Reactions Mass and Mole Relationships Paper


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Please submit answers to the following questions by the due date. For those requiring calculations, show work and report the answer with the correct number of significant figures.

  1. What are molecular weight, formula weight, and molar mass?
  2. For 1.75 mole of K2SO4:
    • How many grams of K2SO4
    • How many moles of atoms?
    • How many moles of ions?
  3. Caffeine has the formula C8H10N4O2. If an average cup of coffee contains 125 mg of caffeine, how many moles of caffeine are in one cup
  4. Ethyl acetate reacts with H2 in the presence of a catalyst yield ethyl alcohol.
      • CH3COOCH3 (l) + H2 (g) LaTeX: longrightarrow

        CH3CH2OH (l)

    • Balance the reaction.
    • How many moles of ethyl alcohol are produced by the reaction of 1.5 mole of ethyl acetate?
    • How many grams of ethyl alcohol are produced by the reaction of 1.5 mole of ethyl acetate?
    • How many grams of ethyl alcohol are produced by the reaction of 12.0 grams of ethyl acetate?
    • How many grams of H2 are needed with 12.0 grams of ethyl acetate?
  5. Titanium metal is obtained from the mineral rutile, TiO2. The process requires multiple steps, as shown in the following reactions:
    • TiO2 (s) + 2 Cl2 (g) + C (s) LaTeX: longrightarrow

      TiCl4 (s) + 2 CO (g)

    • TiCl4 (s) + 2 Mg (s) LaTeX: longrightarrow

      Ti (s) + 2 MgCl2 (s)

    • Write mole ratios to show the relationship between TiO2 and TiCl4 and between TiCl4 and Ti.
    • How many moles of TiO2 are needed to form o12.0 moles of Ti? Use the mole ratios above to calculate this.
    • How many kilograms of rutile are needed to produce 95 kg of Ti?
  6. Once made by heating wood in the absence of air, methanol (CH3OH) is now made by reacting carbon monoxide and hydrogen at high pressure:
      • CO (g) + 2 H2 (g) LaTeX: longrightarrow

        CH3OH (l)

    • If 25.0 g of CO is reacted with 6.00 g of H2, which is the limiting reactant?
    • How many grams of CH3OH can be made from 10.0 g of CO if all of the CO reacts?
    • What type of yield is this, the maximum amount of product possible based on a limiting reactant?
    • If 9.55 g of CH3OH is recovered w hen the amounts when 10.0 g of CO reacts, what is the percent yield.
    • What type of yield is the 9.55 g above?

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