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Computer Science Data Science and Big Data Analytics Discussion

Computer Science Data Science and Big Data Analytics Discussion

Computer Science Data Science and Big Data Analytics Discussion


there are several benefits as well as challenges associated with the use of Big Data Analytics in the e-Healthcare industry. Pick one of the four concepts below and then identify the benefits and challenges associated with that concept. Do not simply list the benefits and challenges but detail them in a substantive, thorough post as it relates to that concept in the e-healthcare industry.

  • Data Gathering
  • Storage and Integration
  • Data Analysis
  • Knowledge Discovery and Information Interpretation

Discussion 1

COLLAPSEBenefits and challenges of data analysis in healthcare settings associated with the use of big data analyticsIn today’s world, variety of information is generated on daily basis and every endeavor of our lives. This implies that the information being generated is increasing hence being a problem to gather and evaluate the information appropriately. The approach of big data is implemented by various organizations in the recent world. Many of the companies are increasingly accepting this technology so that they can enhance on how they capture information and also evaluate the information following its collection. One sector where big data has been essential is in the health department. Big data has been essential in numerous ways. Nevertheless, there are also some problems that have been realized as well (Kuo et al., 2014).In the healthcare setting, big data is used in information analysis. The concept of data analysis in the healthcare settings enables healthcare professionals to get chances for advancement in the healthcare systems, spending, diagnosis and engagements. Some of the benefits that health care settings gains from usage of big data by analyzing data is improved patient care, enhanced operational effectiveness, and looking for disease cure.  Electronic health records helps in gathering demographic and medical information which assists the care experts to give quality treatment. The same organizations use big data to cut down expenses in terms of healthcare expenses and give effective care with the assistance of predictive analytics.  Further, certain medication appears to operate for some individual and fail for others. This helps healthcare professional to use data analysis in order to find cure for certain diseases.Although healthcare organization benefits from big data through analyzing information at work, the same concept has challenges as well. These includes insecurity, visualization, and a number of data integrity concerns (Raghupathi & Raghupathi,2014).ReferencesKuo, M. H., Sahama, T., Kushniruk, A. W., Borycki, E. M., & Grunwell, D. K. (2014). Health big data analytics: current perspectives, challenges and potential solutions. International Journal of Big Data Intelligence, 1(1-2), 114-126.Raghupathi, W., & Raghupathi, V. (2014). Big data analytics in healthcare: promise and potential. Health information science and systems, 2(1), 3.Discussion 2With most of the organizations using information technology effectively to broaden the perspective of conducting better business, develop systematic approaches for improving the process capabilities, concentrate more on customer data variables and satisfaction requirements, identify the opportunities that are available in the market to capitalize them in the earliest time, develop systematic approaches to improve the efficiency of the organization and reduce the cost, identify innovative solutions by identifying the requirements of the customer from various sources, big data is providing better solutions to organizations trying to improve in many aspects of the capabilities of the organization to improve efficiency and increase the profitability (Aluya & Garraway, 2014).The primary essential part for any big data analysis process to be established is identification of the information that needs to be analyzed to deliver identification of all the findings that need to be conducted effectively to understand and develop better capabilities of the organization.  The environment of big data analysis includes unstructured data type from various sources including social media, structured databases, various other forms of information that are available to identify the required information that need to be conducted consistently to buy evaluating the information dynamically based on some set rules of identifying the core information that is required which is in the raw state.  An effective identification of the information that is required for the analysis process to be clearly established, identifying the sources that can provide the information that is required, develop systematic approaches to collect the information consistently, identify the usefulness of the information from various sources for the organization to develop better understanding of the information.  The ability of the organization to identify specific information that can be effectively use for analysis allows better identification of all the prospects in the information and their quantifiable details that can be effectively used to create better understanding through and efficient analysis of all the aspects of the information with identification of variables and contributing factors to identify and develop better understanding to make appropriate decisions (Aluya & Garraway, 2014).References:Aluya, J. & Garraway, O. (2014). The Influences of Big Data Analytics. Author House.

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