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BA 501 UIU Personal Definition of Organizational Management Discussion Questions

BA 501 UIU Personal Definition of Organizational Management Discussion Questions

BA 501 UIU Personal Definition of Organizational Management Discussion Questions



Write a one-two sentence personal definition of organizational management. Base your definition on what you have encountered this week, as well as on what you have already learned about the topic.

Discuss this statement by Paul Hawken: ” Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”

Finally, write about the differences between leadership and management.


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson officially steps down today, handing the coffee ship off to the company’s iconic founder and failed presidential candidate Howard Schultz. Here’s a list of a few key moments from Johnson’s tenure: 1) launching sous vide egg bites in 2017 — these things are great on the go; 2) launching the unicorn frappe in 2017 — this drink was Instagram pic gold; 3) tweaking the Starbucks rewards program in 2019 that caused a social media uproar; 4) announcing in 2020 a plan to close 400 company operated stores — this was long overdue; 5) debuting a decision in mid-March to rid the company of single-use cups — get ready to bring your $75 Yeti bottle to Starbucks; 6) unionizing at Starbucks was born under Johnson’s tenure (expert reporting by Yahoo Finance’s Dani Romero on this); 7) lifting of hourly pay at Starbucks to more than $15 an hour; 8) halting Schultz’s expensive pet project of opening up giant Roastery stores in major cities. ?The keys to Starbucks are now back in Schultz’s pocket. He loves writing blog posts, and I suspect we will get a few of them (likely targeted at cooling the union movement) before he heads back off into retirement before the end of 2022 (assuming he doesn’t decide to stay on as CEO). I will offer this dose of advice to Howard. The most important thing you could do for the future of Starbucks is to spend the next three months on the road visiting Starbucks stores across the world and listening to what employees are going through right now. This in many respects is a different company than when you left in 2017, in large part because of the aftershocks of the pandemic but also due to missteps by Starbucks. So you must actually hear the workers and then implement a plan for the next decade from there — and it’s not just giving them a few extra dollars an hour, it’s also about total quality of life. ?Secondarily, Starbucks has lost a lot of great executive talent in the last decade (see Walgreens new CEO Roz Brewer, a former top Starbucks exec). I wish you well Howard, you know how to reach me (just don’t cancel my free birthday drink for writing this please — I intend to use it today).


  • Organizational management is the ability of a company to effectively and systematically work together with every employee to achieve the organization’s missions and goals. Organizational management relies on having the proper leadership at the helm to foster a workplace environment, which allowed employees to develop great decision-making into solutions that are beneficial to the company’s goal and the employees.                Paul Hawken’s statement, in my opinion, reflects how having good management is the key to problem-solving by making it interesting, in return employees would be open to contributing and bringing new ideas. Having good management is good, however, having leaders with great leadership skills that empower their workers and cultivate an environment that enables employees to grow and make them feel a part of the organization will more likely have a better outcome in problem-solving and ethical decision making.Leadership is having the ability to inspire employees to understand and acknowledge the overall mission and the creative power to work together to execute and attain the company’s goal.  According to (Young and Dulewicz, 2008),   the success of an organization does not depend on any individual leader, but rather on the corporation’s every individual and leadership in all aspects of the company. Unlike management, whose main focus is on daily tasking, managing people, ensuring those tasks are accomplished, and sometime taking credit of work that does not belong to them. It does not provide employees the ability to develop leadership skills but wants to control and have power. Some of the differences between leadership and management are the effect that management often does not have the ability to influence the individual as leadership does.  Leadership can drive and provide guidance that allowed people to make them feel that they are a part of the organization and also develop their leadership skills. By doing so, the productivity of the company success will grow and the retention of employees will increase in the process.ReferenceYoung, & Dulewicz, V. (2008). Similarities and Differences between Leadership and Management: High-Performance Competencies in the British Royal Navy. British Journal of Management, 19(1), 17–32.

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