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ABS 300 Ashford Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Assessment Case Discussion

ABS 300 Ashford Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Assessment Case Discussion

ABS 300 Ashford Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Assessment Case Discussion




TURNITIN SCORE MUST BE AT OR BELOW 20%…as I will be checking.


Directions below:

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the required textbook chapters and articles for this week and view the video on Functional Behavioral Assessment (Links to an external site.) by Dr. Tim Lewis.For this discussion, you will take on the role of the private psychologist being asked to re-evaluate a client. Carefully review the ABS 300 Week One Assessment Scenario. In your initial post, write a rationale for either agreeing or disagreeing with the request to re-evaluate the client based on the information available. Explain which theoretical assumptions about psychological testing and assessment support your decision. Discuss the ethical responsibilities a psychologist must consider if choosing to use psychological assessment tools to re-evaluate the client. Provide a pro/con analysis of both potential decisions regarding whether or not to re-evaluate the client. In your pro/con analysis, present the potential ethical issues which might arise from each decision–the decision to re-evaluate and the decision to not re-evaluate–the client in the given scenario. Assume you have the opportunity to conduct a behavioral assessment interview before making your decision about whether or not to conduct a full re-evaluation. Give examples of the types of information from the behavioral assessment would aid you in making an ethical decision about whether or not to conduct a full re-evaluation.


Donna first began showing abnormal behaviors in middle school, at the same time she began struggling to understand concepts taught in the classroom as well as social cues. Donna was eventually evaluated by the school psychologist Asperger’s Disorder. After the initial diagnosis Donna seemed to be doing very well over the course of two years thereafter, since her involvement in the individualized education program. After this point Donna’s diagnosis changed from Asperger’s to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 1. This change was made to her diagnosis because of changes in the manual used to assign psychiatric diagnoses and by the understanding that Donna required support yet without intellectual or language impairments present. It was at this time that Donna’s mother demanded a re-evaluation and even sought second opinion. Based on the two opinions of both psychologists, Donna’s diagnosis appears to follow appropriate guidelines. Therefore, I don’t believe it necessary to conduct an additional evaluation at this time.

There are many ethical responsibilities that a psychologists must consider when choosing to use assessments as a tool for re-evaluation. Throughout history cultural influences have been largely responsible for one’s privilege within a society. Because of this, professionals in the assessment industry have shown increased sensitivities to the role of culture in many different aspects of measurement (Cohen & Others, 2018). Laws that relate to this involve a responsibility for individuals to obey the idea/understanding that things should be done for the greater good as a whole. The code of ethics and standard of care must be practiced at all times. Fitting in the con/or against the re-evaluation would allow for me to say that because of the similar conclusion by two different professional’s standards of care are being practiced. Therefore, I don’t see an ethical dilemma in the decision to not seek re-evaluation. Both psychologists provide reasoning to the change in Donna’s diagnosis under the same/similar conditions.

If I were given the opportunity to conduct a behavioral assessment prior to making my final decision, I would determine a positive support plan and be aware of the functional relationship between behavior and environment. I would carefully study my observations of Donna’s behavior based upon the assessment and determine if behavioral correction is necessary. If not, then this insight would confirm that there is no apparent need for a re-evaluation at this time. Donna seems to be doing well academically and socially with the aid in programs based on her current diagnosis, therefore, she has shown no signs that warrant a re-evaluation.

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  • This web article provides some basic information for the lay public on psychological testing.

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  • This web page provides access to the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

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